Anger Management Training

Develop real tools to handle real challenges

A new baby in the family is a joy, but also causes stress and anxiety. You want tools to cope with fear and frustration.

COVID-19 interrupted your career plan, and you were impacted and need to get back to "new normal" and adapt.

You transitioned from the military but life after the service isn't what you expected. You need a trainer who's been there.

You made a bad decision, and are working hard to show the world, who you are isn't who you used to be, and you want to reclaim your new self worth.

Your resilience begins here

You will find the latest information about the theories behind why we get mad, how to name and tame our feelings, proven techniques from the wide world of psychology, sociology and human development to feel better, more empowered and more resilient. We don't want to sit around, talking about our feelings. We want action-oriented, real world skills to apply immediately, to get to a better place. You're here. You've been thinking about it. Let's get started.

What is coaching

Coaching can cover a lot of things. We start with the intentional steps we design together to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

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Success stories

Read about Rebecca's journey and how she's helped hundreds of coaching clients


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